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Protect Your Advantage.


Need to realize revenue from a proprietary product? Want to formalize dealer and distributor relationships over a wide geographic area? Need to negotiate licensing agreements with a third-party vendor, a manufacturer, or retail outlets that want to sell your product? All these require some form of licensing arrangement.

An essential part of Davis McGrath's representation of owners of intellectual property rights, the firm has extensive experience in negotiating, drafting, interpreting, and enforcing those rights between clients and others. We have worked on complex international merchandise license agreements involving the copyrights in and trademarks related to characters and literary works, agreements to commercially exploit rights of publicity, and to utilize photographs and other proprietary materials. 

Our attorneys are also experienced in performing due diligence regarding the ownership and transfer of title to rights domestically and globally, to ensure that the licensor's grant of rights and the licensee's exercise of rights do not contravene the interests of third parties. Both common sense and a finely tuned legal awareness guide how we craft appropriate contract language for such licenses, precisely detailing the scope and nature of the rights under license, the manner in which royalties are to be calculated and paid, and the consequences of breach and reversion of rights at the conclusion of the licensing arrangement. 

Davis McGrath's in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of trademark and copyright protection inform its advice with respect to guarding those rights against erosion in the licensing context

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