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A Way Through. A Way Forward.


Disputes seem inevitable where commercial or pecuniary interests are at stake. But an extended ongoing dispute can be a drain on your business, and litigation a costly recourse.

Many clients avoid both costs and the corresponding losses in time by resorting to mediation or other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods to resolve conflict. For the right parties and disputes, ADR has many benefits. ADR generally occurs in a private forum that allows willing parties a better opportunity to retain business relationships. It also allows parties more active participation in a less formal resolution process. Unlike the courtroom where one party wins and one loses, ADR often results in a "win-win" situation as all parties help craft the result. Finally, ADR can be a shorter process and thus provide savings in time and money to all parties.  

ADR is an important part of Davis McGrath's practice. We have proven expertise in this vital area, both as advocates for clients in ADR proceedings and as neutrals for third parties. Davis McGrath has represented clients before the American Arbitration Association, before the Cook County and DuPage County arbitration programs respectively, and in private mediations and settlement negotiations involving numerous areas of the law.

Several of our attorneys serve as mediators and arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association, the National Association of Securities Dealers, the Federal Court Lanham Act Program and the Circuit Court of Cook County Complex Case Mediation Program. As a result, we are very familiar with these alternative forums of dispute resolution.

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