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Doing the Deal. Doing it Right.


Davis McGrath's attorneys will put their many years of corporate and business experience to work on your transaction. Using the knowledge we have gained from litigating commercial disputes, our attorneys can identify potential trouble spots early in a transaction and then negotiate and craft documents designed to minimize the risk of problems down the road.

We represent clients in matters relating to corporate and LLC formations, partnerships, and other business entities that create appropriate legal structures for our clients to achieve their business goals. Once a business entity is formed, Davis McGrath's attorneys will advise clients on governance matters, private equity offerings, shareholder agreements, and compliance with the laws and regulations that allow your company to remain in good standing with the State. Davis McGrath's attorneys may also act as the registered agent for a business entity.

Contracts, leases, agreements for the sale and purchase of goods and services, and employment and contractor agreements, are all fundamental parts of a business enterprise. The attorneys at Davis McGrath provide legal counsel on a full range of business transactions. When it comes time to buy or sell a business, we are equally adept at providing you with the representation that you need to properly document and close the transaction.

As your business grows, so does the need to plan your estate. Davis McGrath can provide advice and representation on estate planning that ties-in to your business plan and allows you to make meaningful and well-thought out decisions today to prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

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