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Bill McGrath Shares Legal Expertise in Chicago's Daily Law Bulletin

Bill McGrath, a Davis McGrath LLC partner and founding member, has contributed to a variety of legal publications throughout his career. Bill's insights can be seen most frequently in Chicago's Daily Law Bulletin.

You can access a selection of his legal writings in our blog's archive. Popular articles include:

  • "Hall of Fame Cybersquatters End Up in Federal Court." (Jan 2011).

  • "Meet John Doe – Copyright Defendant." (Dec 2010).

  • "Regulation of Behavioral Advertising on the Internet." (Nov 2010).

  • "The Copyright Legacy of Learned Hand." (Oct 2010).

  • "Jury Awards of Statutory Damages." (Sept 2010).

  • "Trademark Dilution and Unicorns." (Aug 2010).

  • "YouTube Finds Safe Harbor from Copyright Claim." (Jul 2010).

  • "Pondering Trademark Genericide." (June 2010).

  • "Holden Caulfield and Copyright Injunctions." (May 2010).

  • "Moral Rights in the U.S." (Apr 2010).

  • "SCOTUS Tackles Copyright Registration." (Mar 2010).

  • "The Naked Truth about Trademarks and the First Amendment." (Feb 2010).

  • "Student's Fair Use Defense Falters in Music Copyright Case." (Jan 2010).

Visit our archive to search selected articles HERE.

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