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Run Your Business. We'll Handle The Disputes.


Every business eventually faces conflict and disputes, ranging from disagreements among owners to breaches of contract to billing or payment problems with vendors or independent contractors. These actions can distract management and disrupt business. 

Davis McGrath's experienced attorneys are mindful that managing and settling a business dispute can be costly and can create a financial drain on your company. We strive to provide cost-effective resolutions to business disputes. Our attorneys will take the necessary action to bring your matter to a resolution whether through a negotiated settlement, an arbitration, a court-annexed mediation program, a private alternative dispute resolution forum, or through litigation. 

When a bankruptcy intervenes, Davis McGrath also has experience in the many and often unique aspects of bankruptcy litigation. Davis McGrath has handled numerous matters, such as objections to a debtor's discharge, obtaining relief from the automatic stay, defending claims of alleged preferential payments and fraudulent transfers, and prosecuting claims for unpaid rent owing to commercial landlords. Whether our clients are drawn into a large Chapter 11 reorganization or a relatively simple Chapter 7 liquidation, Davis McGrath has the know-how and experience to handle the matter.

From the beginning phases of a dispute involving negotiations and expedited relief, through litigation and post-judgment proceedings, Davis McGrath will always put your interests first. We will help you make sense of the circumstances, show you a path forward and lift the burden of litigation.


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