Champ's Publications and Speaking Engagements


• Speaker, Iowa Intellectual Property Law Association, "Ethics in Licensing" (October 2011).

• Speaker at John Marshall Law School, Ethics in the Practice of IP Law (April 2011).

• Published article, "Third Party Discovery in Arbitrations" (June 2010).

• Speaker at Cook County Circuit Court Arbitration and Mediation Program: "Commercial Arbitration in Chicago" (April 2009).

• Speaker, "Ethics in Licensing," Practicing Law Institute Programs in Chicago (2002-2010).

• Published article, "Retention of Jurisdiction to Enforce Settlement Agreement" (December 2009).

• Speaker at Cook County Circuit Court Arbitration and Mediation Program: "Ethics in Negotiations" (November 2008).

• Speaker, John Marshall Law School Program-Ethics in Negotiations (May 2008).

• Published article, "Arbitration Alternatives" (March 2008). 

• Published article, "When is a Settlement a Settlement" (January 2006).

• Published article, "Enforceable Settlement or Unenforceable Penalty?" (December 2004).

• Speaker "Federal Discovery" Chicago Bar Association Seminar, (November 2002).

• Speaker, "Ethics in Negotiations," Chicago Bar Association Seminar, (November 2000).

• Speaker, "The Discovery and Admissibility of Electronic Evidence Under Federal and State Law," Chicago Bar Association Seminar (March 1999).

• Speaker, "Long Arms of the Law: A Summary of Internet Law Developments for 1998," GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY (January 1999).

• Speaker, "State Law Computer Crime Issues," Chicago Bar Association Seminar (May 1998).

"Summary of Internet Law Developments for 1997," CHICAGO LAW BULLETIN (December 1997).


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