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As more businesses and individuals exploit the potential of e-commerce, register domains, conduct business, and depend on web-based software for mission-critical applications, their need for assistance with regard to some of the challenges of the Internet and e-commerce only grows. 

Davis McGrath has a well-established and broad-based practice in helping clients to understand, litigate, and resolve disputes that involve computers and the Internet. Our practice evolves from our attorneys' work with a range of clients in industry, technology and software, with creative artists, and with publishing companies, along with individuals and companies of all sizes that have begun to realize the benefits of conducting business online. 

Davis McGrath's experience in this rapidly developing area of the law includes the preparation of technology agreements, including software licenses and web hosting agreements; drafting email and Internet usage policies; dispute resolution involving domain names and hardware implementation; privacy issues; defamation and libel claims; and advising on unique aspects of Internet law such as §230 publisher immunity.

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