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Davis McGrath's real estate litigation practice helps a variety of commercial and business clients to address diverse issues. 

Our clients include large multi-national retail mall owners, as well as landlords and management companies of regional shopping centers, office buildings, strip malls and other retail, commercial, and industrial property. The primary focus of our work for these clients involves breach-of-lease issues such as: non-payment and recovery of monies owed, operational defaults, violations of lease covenants or of restrictions on trade and/or use, disagreements over shared or coop advertising, and insurance subrogation and/or coverage disputes.

In addressing the non-payment issues that can plague commercial landlords, Davis McGrath has extensive experience in negotiating the recovery of unpaid lease charges, prosecuting forcible entry and detainer actions, and recovering judgments through supplementary proceedings.

Our real estate litigation attorneys also handle a full range of disputes involving sales and purchase agreements, conflicts over zoning and TIF financing, disagreements in condemnation matters and development rights, complex insurance claims, and bankruptcy and foreclosure matters.

Davis McGrath has the experience and expertise to handle all of your real estate litigation matters.

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